69-75 Daggett Street

Commissioners approved 80 residential units with 47 parking spaces in the former Seamless Rubber Factory at 69-75 Daggett Street in New Haven.  During WWII the factory manufactured rubber gloves used by Allied surgeons and medics.   After the war the factory was used for various purposes including an artists’ enclave.

The renovated complex will include indoor parking for its residents on the ground floor of the building.  This innovative plan allows for all the cars onsite to be screened from view of the public while preserving the historic façade.  There will be extensive common areas, green spaces, and other amenities which take advantage of the high ceilings and sturdy construction, remnants of its industrial past. 

The project will complement New Haven’s wider redevelopment plan for the Route 34 corridor.  When the corridor was built in the middle of the last century it severed Downtown from the Hill neighborhood and Union Station.  The project will help to bridge the gap between these neighborhoods. 

During the project Attorneys Ken Rozich and Miguel Almodóvar worked collaboratively with the owners as well as professionals from Gregg Wies & Gardner Architects and Juliano & Associates to design and shepherd the project through the City Plan Commission.  Given Jacobs & Rozich’s long history in New Haven it was an honor be a part of preserving and elevating this important property in an important neighborhood.