Residential Leases in Connecticut

In order to understand how the eviction process works it is important to start at square one, the lease. What is a residential lease?  A residential lease is an agreement between an owner of a piece property and a tenant.  The lease gives the tenant the right to possess the property for the agreed upon [...]

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Eviction in Connecticut – Timeline and Expectations

As a renter receiving a notice to quit is a scary thing.  It is important to remember though that a notice to quit is only the beginning of the eviction process. The Notice to Quit The notice to quit legally ends the tenancy for the property.  A notice to quit will have the reasons for [...]

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With summary process, its not about the money

An income property.  For many in Connecticut the American dream involves owning a home and with hard work one day purchasing an income property.  The dream is to use that rental income to pay the mortgage, save for children’s education, and retire comfortably.  While many tenants pay on time and in full occasionally they fall [...]

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