Execution and Exemption

As promised in our last post, this week the blog will cover the major types of funds that cannot be attached in a property or bank execution.  When a judgment creditor receives permission of the court to seize property, they usually pursue funds in a bank account.  A judgment creditor may also attach the personal [...]

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Post Judgment Collections or how to turn white paper green

You’ve worked hard, provided the best quality goods and services for your client and they refuse to pay you.  You get a lawyer involved bring a collections law suit,  waited for months, and take time out of your busy life to go to court and prove your case at trial.  After all this that you [...]

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With summary process, its not about the money

An income property.  For many in Connecticut the American dream involves owning a home and with hard work one day purchasing an income property.  The dream is to use that rental income to pay the mortgage, save for children’s education, and retire comfortably.  While many tenants pay on time and in full occasionally they fall [...]

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Jacobs & Rozich on Growth Success Podcast

Check out Jacobs & Rozich attorney Miguel Almodovar on the latest Growth Success Radio Podcast.  The podcast and video can be found here. The podcast focused on how small business owners can ensure they get paid for their hard work.  Areas covered include beneficial contract terms, invoice timing, and how to approach a slow paying [...]

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Gift Cards in Connecticut

Whether it is a distant cousin, a picky aunt, or an impossible to shop for teenager a gift card is a great option for giving during the holiday season.  For this reason many of our small business clients love to offer them to their clients as a quick and easy way to boost sales at [...]

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Post-Judgment Interest in Connecticut

Many of our clients are small businesses who operate using credit agreements.  These agreements make it easy for both parties to operate on an ongoing basis without having to continuously renegotiate terms.  The customer can simply order the necessary supplies and pay on the basis of the negotiated terms.  Unfortunately, customers can take advantage of [...]

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Our Firm’s Foundation

A law firm is built on a lot of things. The most importance of which is trust. A client must trust their attorney to have their best interests at heart at every stage of the legal process.  The need for trust is most evident in the context of litigation.  Litigation is the process commonly referred [...]

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