A law firm is built on a lot of things.

The most importance of which is trust.

A client must trust their attorney to have their best interests at heart at every stage of the legal process.  The need for trust is most evident in the context of litigation.  Litigation is the process commonly referred to as “going to court”.  It involves complex process of filing a law suit, conducting discovery, and eventually proving a case in a court of law.  Litigation is a process many people watch on television everyday.  It can be exciting and even glamorous but may be daunting for the uninitiated.

The law firm of Jacobs & Rozich, LLC focuses its practice entirely on litigation, in the areas of Collections, Personal Injury, Construction, Housing, and Land Use/Zoning.  Our attorneys have decades of combined experience in State and Federal courts throughout Connecticut.  This blog’s purpose is to demonstrate that experience and help to build trust with our clients.  We will be posting regularly about developments in the areas of law that we practice, current events, recently decided state and federal cases, and accomplishments of the firm both in the courtroom and in the community at large.